Aliro Group Industrial Vehicle

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Aliro Group Industrial Vehicle

  • Fund manager
    Jarrah Dowd
  • Established
  • Sector
  • Geographical exposure
    Australia with a focus on eastern seaboard markets
  • Vehicle status
    Open for investment
Fund Overview

Aliro’s core plus industrial vehicle was established in 2018 to acquire and create investment-grade real estate across the Australian eastern seaboard with attractive total returns. [1,2]

Investment Strategy

Well located assets in core markets (predominantly Sydney & Melbourne) with proximity to infrastructure and arterial road networks.

Core plus strategy delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Balanced portfolio, including immediate development pipeline.

70% equity in stabilised and enhanced assets, 30% in development projects.

Investor Information

Open-ended strategy with liquidity review on the fifth anniversary of initial fund closing date and every five years thereafter.

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  • Target Returns
    9.0% [1]
  • Returns to Date
    11.7% [2]
  • Assets in Portfolio
    12 [3]
  • Current Portfolio GAV
    $1.3b [3]
  • Portfolio GAV on Completion
    $2.1b [3]

[1] Target net levered IRR to LR1 – Post fees, post-performance fees, post-tax.

[2] INREV Total Vehicle Return (Q4 2018 to Q4 2023) – Post fees, post-performance fees, post-tax. Figures are as at 31 December 2023.

[3] As at 31 December 2023.

Key Contacts
Jarrah Dowd

Fund Manager

John Kim

Assistant Fund Manager

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